One of the concerns of the tourism industry in Vietnam

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One of the concerns of the tourism industry in Vietnam

Since setting up Come and Go Vietnam Travel in 2009, I have jointed several travel forums to learn more of the travellers’ needs when travelling to South East Asia and Vietnam especially.

I sometimes hear from some worldwide travellers that they had some negative experiences during their Vietnam trip due to bad service.

What do you think may be the reasons?

Here is one of the issues: the tough competition for tourists in Vietnam.

As you know, Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest percentage of private/ family run businesses in South East Asia. As soon as they see others open a new business next door, they quickly learn how to do so. And there they go.

This could happen in any kind of business and the travel industry is no exception.  In fact, tourism in Vietnam is one of the most competitive businesses as it seems so easy to operate and the profit is considered higher than many other businesses because it deals with the global market.



They feel if they know good English or work in tourism they can easily be a travel agent. They think it is simple to run a travel company in Vietnam.  But the problem is that most of the local tour companies copy the same programs and services. So the only way for them to compete is to lower the price to attract a higher number of travellers instead of being more creative in their products and services. What they really need to do is to study how to run a business properly, or to understand how to keep and grow a business.  As a result, they have to cut quality to keep their profits and this really ruins the industry for everyone sooner or later.

Vietnam has been trying to build and improve on what they call “a responsible, sustainable and long lasting tourism industry” for many years but so far it has not been much of a success.  Due to the lack of knowledge of tourism and the understanding of what the tourists’ interest are, many local travel agencies haven’t realized what serious impact the low quality tour packages could have on their own business’ future. Nowadays, the demand for the back packer market is still high compared to the mid- range and high-end market. But, in general, the number of tourists coming to Vietnam has been increasing steadily every year.

So Vietnam does need to devise a long term plan for tourism.

Come and go Vietnam Travel has been trying to establish itself as one of the outstanding tailor-made tour operators in Vietnam. We often update programs, inspect new destinations and create our own itineraries that avoid the mass tourism concept.



We offer mainly” off the beaten path programs” so that you can see the authentic side of Vietnam and its beautiful culture. We hope your trip will last a lifetime and we are committed to the services we provide.

Our well trained Come and Go Vietnam team has the passion, attitude, creativity and enthusiasm needed to excel in the Travel Industry.


Nhung  Tran

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