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Just because you’re travelling in a group doesn’t mean you should accept below-par service, and we ensure that as much care and attention is spent on a group booking as on a luxury tailormade FIT.


Our network of hotel contacts means we get excellent room rates, and we personally inspect all of our hotels to ensure they are capable of handling groups. 
Our transport partners are selected for their reliability, their safety, and for the quality of their vehicles.

And our previous experience of guiding group tours over the last decade means we understand the challenges involved in taking large groups of tourists around what is still a developing country – we foresee the pitfalls so that your group avoids them.

So if you have one-off or series groups travelling to Vietnam, let’s talk about how we can help you ensure your groups come home with happy memories.

Educational and Study Tours

Vietnam is becoming an increasingly popular student travel destination, and with our background in educational travel in the UK and our huge network of local contacts, we're the perfect choice for anyone organising an educational visit.
Schools and universities are visiting Vietnam for various reasons, including its varied and spectacular geography; its turbulent recent history, of which plenty of vestiges remain; its patchwork of various ethnic groups; its huge contrasts in lifestyles between the modern, developed urban areas and its unchanging agrarian countryside; its network of charities and NGOs that can allow students to get involved in community projects; and its complex and vibrant economy and business sector, which makes it a great destination for MBA students.
There are plenty of tour operators who can handle the logistics of a study tour, but very few who have the contacts to give that tour real educational value. We have countless contacts within the business, education, charity/NGO and tourism sectors to provide students with unique experiences that match their field of study.
We listen to what you as an educator want from your trip. We will never try to shoehorn you onto an off-the-shelf itinerary just because it's easier for us. We listen to your requirements, talk to academic staff about the curriculum, meet with parents to discuss safety and other issues, and are also available to deliver presentations about Vietnam in general or your chosen itinerary in particular.
So if you're an overseas school, college or university planning a trip to Vietnam, or an international school based in Vietnam looking for new ideas, please email us with your requirements and we'll get back to you straight away.

MICE & Business Travel

Vietnam’s still-booming economy is attracting thousands of business travellers every year, but local offices don’t always understand the special needs of the corporate traveller.

We’ve done a lot of business trips ourselves so we know it’s the simple things that make a business trip successful – a hassle-free airport welcome & transfer, a comfortable, quiet hotel room with internet access, and a local contact to recommend restaurants, bars and other ways to make the most of what little free time you may have.

For MICE groups, we go the extra mile to seek out new & refreshing venues and activities, and spend time talking with our local partners to make sure they understand the higher levels of attention and service demanded by such groups.